Dried Figs 400g – Mia Feta Feta Bar
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Dried Figs 400g

Koutsogiorgakis winery


When the refugees from Asia Minor came to North Evia brough with figs and sowed the seeds.
The trees thrived and gave an excellent fruit with high nutritional value, rich in plant fiber, calcium,energy , vitamins A,B,C,E ,K and potassium.

The presence of many plant fiber promotes the correct functioning of the intestines, helps to prevent
and treat dyspareunia and dyspepsia.

Dried figs is a super food indispensable for our organism.

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Item Number: 701.00.00117
Gross Weight: 0.414 kg
Dimensions: 9 × 4 × 21 cm

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Weight 0.414 kg
Dimensions 9 × 4 × 21 cm

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