Bio Zeas Lazani Wholemeal 400g – Mia Feta Feta Bar
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Bio Zeas Lazani Wholemeal 400g

Agroktima Antonopoulou


Characterized by “al dente ” texture and fruity flavor,products made from zea are hearty and easy to digest. The investigations showed that Zea contains 40% more magnesium than other cereals. Magnesium activates additional enzymatic metabolic processes. It contains high levels of the amino acid lysine, which makes the pasta produced from Zea, particularly digestible. whole grains rich in fiber, vitamins (especially B complex) and minerals.

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Item Number: 701.00.00373
Gross Weight: 0.410 kg
Dimensions: 20 × 7 × 30 cm

Nutrition Facts per 100g:

Weight 0.410 kg
Dimensions 20 × 7 × 30 cm

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