Corinthian Raisins VOSTIZZA PDO 200g – Mia Feta Feta Bar
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Corinthian Raisins VOSTIZZA PDO 200g

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Corinthian Currant (raisin) is a natural product made by sun drying the grapes of the Greek vine variety under the scientific name Vitis Vinifera L. Since the ancient years, Currant is cultivated in Greece and particularly on the coasts of North and West Peloponnesus where the soil and climatic conditions thanks to the sea breeze and the sunshine are ideal for the production of a natural product of sublime quality.

The Corinthian Currants under the name “VOSTIZZA PDO” are considered of the highest quality and their distinctive feature is the excellent aroma and the unique taste. “VOSTIZZA” is exclusively cultivated on the semi-mountainous and mountainous area of Aeghialeia.

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Weight 0.206 kg
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 14 cm

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