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Salt with Smoked Pepper of Aridaia 200gr

Floros Messolonghi


A great combination. The natural untreated Mesolongi salt and the award-winning smoked pepper of Aridaia from Bolkis make a unique set. Suitable for soups, soups, boiled, baked, marinades!

The natural untreated Mesolongi salt is a gift of the sea, the sun and the wind. It is produced in the Mesolongi salt pits and is offered by our company in its completely untreated form, with its natural color, crystal size and moisture, without being baked or grafted to a specific grain size and of course, free of anti-caking agents and other chemicals. So we manage to preserve all its taste, strength and all its trace minerals and minerals lost during processing.

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Weight 0.378 kg

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